Armored Lexus LX600

Luxury + Ruggedness in its DNA, It is Incredibly smooth yet powerful and better-equipped to tackle off-road obstacles. The Armored Lexus LX 600 is developed to defeat various ballistic and explosive threats. Our suspension and brake upgrades provide excellent vehicle dynamics.

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Armored Lexus LX 600 is a seven-passenger luxury Armored SUV that provides spaciousness, luxury, and power. Based on 3.5L V6 engine producing 409 HP, this vehicle offers a new level of luxury and reliability both on and off the road. You will be enjoying leading-edge safety combined with full-time four-wheel drive. It is based on the legendary Toyota LC's flawless design chassis. On the other hand, offers something entirely different - in terms of comfort and luxury. This is the trademark of Lexus vehicles. The owner can trust the vehicle to tackle whatever situations whether it is fighting against poor weather or hazardous urban life. 

It comes with features like all-wheel drive, crawl control, multi-terrain select and active height control which makes it a tech geek as well as trendy. The armored LX 600 becomes a dream come true for those whose lives are at stake, giving it all round 360-degree protection and a full package of safety features specially built by Harrow Security Vehicles.

  • Recommended Armoring Protection Level: B6
  • High-Strength Lightweight Armor Plating For Passenger Compartments
  • For Windshield & Door Windows: Multi-layered Ballistic Glass
  • Multi-layered Polycarbonate Coating for transparent areas
  • Roof and Floor Armor plating by High-intensity MIG Welding
  • Reinforced Doors and Pillars with Heavy-duty Hinges
  • Protection for the Fuel tank, Tailpipe, Radiator, Battery and the Control Module of the Engine
  • Suspension and Brake System upgradations to compensate the additional weight of the Armor
  • Run Flat Tyres
  • Gun Ports installed on windows
  • Ballistic Radiator Protection
  • Strobe Light Systems
  • Siren System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Upgraded Brake System
  • Operable Windows
  • Roof Mounted Lighting System
  • Flag Pole

Vehicle Specifications

YEAR: 2022
MAKE: Lexus
PROTECTION: B6/B7 Level Armored
TRANSMISSION: 10-Speed Automatic
ENGINE: 3.5L Petrol, Twin Turbo, V6
HORSEPOWER: 409hp @ 5,200


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